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    About Awan Real Estate

    If you are interested in my services as a Realtor to help you buy or sell real estate, this website is for you.

    If you are interested in selling your home for quick cash to network of my investors, this website is also for you. However, I will be acting as an investor looking to make profit in this transaction and will not be representing either buyer or seller.

    Awan Real Estate website was created in December 2009 with today’s changing needs of real estate clients in mind. Primary focus of this website is to inform, educate, guide and help buyers, sellers and investors in today’s dynamic real estate market.

    As owner of this real estate website, I have many years of experience in real estate. I have been a full service licensed real estate agent and Realtor since 2007. Currently, I am an agent with Execuhome Realty. I have listed and sold many properties. My education background includes Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in Finance and Economics. I am currently enrolled in the evening MBA Program at the Johns Hopkins University with focus in real estate.